Core Weekend 3: Road to Diamond!

9th August 2017
by Eva Erviana
Translated By Patricius Valentino A.

“Who’s Diamond? I’m Diamond!” shouted the participants of the Core Weekend 3: Road to Diamond, 5-6 August 2017, at Mercure Hotel Ancol, Jakarta. The event presented by LiveWell Global and MacSys were flocked by hundreds of domestic and international participants. During two days, the participants – who are also the LWG Members – were learning the business and having fun together with the three Co-Founders of LWG, Leonardo Wiesan, Suprato Tjoatja, and Sadrakh Tjoatja.

Prior to the core, the participants were invited to gig together where the MC, Ricky Tan, led the audiences to move their hips on the stage. All the participants were drowned into the vibrant atmosphere. The new members, who have not joined any previous Core Weekend, were allowed to introduce themselves as the next Diamond candidates of LWG.

Building the Principles in Business

After having fun together and leading their spirits, it was then Suprato Tjoatja’s turn to explain the materials about tips to being the professionals in marketing business. Suprato emphasised that principle constitutes important key for the participants in running their steady business.

“Principle and strategy are two different things. While strategy is flexible in the approach through the time, principle in MLM business stays unchanged. The later the time, the more important the principle will be. When someone changes their principle, it will lead to nowhere but destruction,” said Suprato Tjoatja.

The participants were then divided into groups in order to play interesting ad educating games, from which the participants were learning to collaborate. For the second and the third materials, Sadrakh Tjoatja and Leonardo Wiesan were in their charge to lead. While Sadrakh Tjoatja explained about the types of human characteristics, Leonardo Wiesan invited the participants to share their dreams to each other.

Release Your Dreams into Reality!

A strong characteristic is all you need in chasing your dream. Therefore, a person needs a change by leaving out their comfort zone and focus on their dream. As explained by Sadrakh Tjoatja, Co-Founder LWG, during his motivational and inspirational presentation on the second day of CW3, Sunday (06/08/2017). “It has never been easy to get out of our comfort zone. But, only if you enjoy it bit by bit, you will find your own interest, and finally it will bring you to an ultimate change.”

He also added that, as long as you dwell in your comfort zone, you have to think positively in all the situations. What you focus on is what you are going to get. It is like a dream which you shall always cling on, no matter how harsh the hardships hit you. Dreams will remain dreams as we are still staying in our comfort zone, refuse to think positively and be grateful for everything we have gone this far.

In the final session, the participants were instructed to write their dreams on a piece of paper and tied it on a balloon which was then released on the hotel yard as the summit of CW3. By those floating bulbs, they expected that their dreams were not mere dreams, but something they must achieve to make their real happiness in life come true.