LiveWell Global is a network marketing company founded by network marketing practitioners with years of experience.  

For years, Suprato Tjoatja, Leonardo Wiesan, and Sadrakh Tjoaja have been practicing network marketing business in Indonesia. Armed by this experience, a desire to establish an ideal marketing company came to the surface. LiveWell Global is envisioned to be a company that supports and provides a myriad of possibilities for every individual who wants to realize a better life through a continuing business opportunity. 

The three of them believe that everyone has unlimited potential if they get a chance to learn and grow in a positive community. LiveWell Global’s vision and mission is to be the best business opportunity for Indonesian communities to improve their overall living standard, both morally, spiritually, and materially.

Five strength points of LiveWell Global are as follows: 

  1. It is the only network marketing company that, right after its establishment, has Millionaire Academy (MAC) support system which provides a continuing education program both offline and online.
  2. LiveWell Global’s marketing plan is straightforward, equitable, long-term, and profitable for leaders regardless of their leadership level.
  3. LiveWell Global provides up-to-date health and beauty products with the latest innovations and reliable quality.
  4. The high management standard of LiveWell Global provides a supportive service and environment conducive to the growth and development of each distributor.
  5. It has a short-term plan to expand to three other countries: Malaysia, Hongkong, and Taiwan within a year.

LiveWell Global is the one and only Indonesian network marketing company that puts emphasis on support system, marketing plan, products, management, and global expansion altogether even before it began the business.