Livewell Global Launched Cyanos Eira, the No. 1 Nutrition for Natural Brightening & Youthful Skin

4th September 2017
by Eva Erviana
Translated By Patricius Valentino A.

Jakarta – after successfully selling the blockbuster slimming product containing the best ingredients, LiveWell Global comes with its latest product, Cyanos Eira. It is the number 1 skincare product for brighter and youthful skin. Recent survey explains that around 57% Indonesian women have actually been noticed the premature aging since their 25.
“One of the premature aging appearance is dull complexion,” explained dr. Marianti, an aesthetic doctor and an active member of the Association of Anti-Aging, Wellness, Aesthetic and Regenerative Doctors of Indonesia, in Cyanos Eira launching event “Bright Skin Is Always In” at Best Western Plus Hotel, Kemayoran, Jakarta, on 2 September 2017.
“Dull complexion often comes with imbalance skin tone, light irritation or inflammation like acnes and black spots. Dead skin is on account of inappropriate makeup use on typical face, UV rays, free radical, physical and mental stress, until high calorie level. It depletes our nourishment like vitamin, mineral, protein, amino acid, essential fatty acid which is hardly acquired from daily meal, but prominently needed,” said dr. Mariati who is also a Medical Editor Manager at medical media
Perfect Nutrition in Cyanos Eira Prevents Premature Aging
In order to prevent and solve the skin problems, the most effective way is to know the factors, like quoted from the Journals of Dermatoendocrinolgy in 2012 and dr. Marianti’s advice.
“Constraining calorie intake will prolong our skin cell lifespan, affecting on the moisturised and flawless skin appearance. It is necessary to do physical exercises and relieve stress. Do healthy dietary habit with balance nutrition. People are recently restricting a particular food in their diet. Otherwise, we need all the nutrients in a proper arrangement. Our inner nourishment is considerably important, especially our skin, the projection of our inner health,” said dr. Marianti.
You can consume Cyanos Eira to nourish your skin from within so that it will look beautiful and ageless. The latest LiveWell Global product containing perfect nutrition from two algae combinations, AFA stem cell and Snow Algae from Switzerland, and the best L-Glutathione from Japan. According to a doctor, medical trainer and also director of REHD Clinic, dr. Elvin Erick Gultom, AFA stem cell is sort of a superfood containing a lot of important ingredients for our body and skin health.
“AFA stem cell (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) contains incredible nutrition. There are spate of mineral, vitamin, amino acid, and protein found within these blue-green algae, which are an effective antioxidant against free radical, one of premature aging factor. Possessing phenylethylamine (PEA) or generally known as love molecule makes AFA stem cell able to enhance the activity of chemical compounds inside the brain that control someone’s concentration and focus. In accordance with AFA stem cell, another form of antioxidant, Snow Algae, also works to ward off the negative effects of free radicals. Snow Alga is of a rare plant growing on the Alps, Switzerland, and containing two pigments, green and red,” said dr. Elvin.
Containing Higher Glutathione from the Nature
Besides its AFA stem cell’s superfood function, Cyanos Eira also contains Mother of Anioxidant, a natural Glutathion from Torula Yeast produced in Japan.
“Glutathione effectively elasticises the skin, obscures wrinkle, brightens the skin, and removes black spots on the face. As an anti-aging agent, glutathione protects the cells from exposing premature aging signs. More on that, glutathione is also able to prevent Alzheimer,” said dr. Elvin.
Along with the growing age and external factors like free radicals, the glutathione level is likely getting lower and lower. Elvin recommended that we should consume at least 100 mg glutathione in order to maintain its top level. Cyanos Eira contains a high glutathione level of 250 mg. With that amount, Cyanos Eira becomes the highest glutathione supplement in Indonesia, compared to any other products. In addition, Cyanos Eira’s Glutathione has passed quality tests proved with certain certificates, including US FDA, Halal MUI & Jakim, Kosher, and USP/JP Monograph Designation.