Cyanos Slimming, Your Natural Diet Partner

1st August 2017
by Eva Erviana
Translated By Patricius Valentino A.

Very few people realise the sugar level contained in any typical food, such as yogurt, milk, soft drinks, salad dressing, pies, pudding, ice cream, sweets, honey, etc. Consuming spate of sugar in our daily basis will cause excessive fat and overweight. It is but to harm your diet plan, isn’t it? Just simply reduce your sugar consumption (only 50 grams or 4 spoons of sugar is recommended).

Besides reducing the sugar consumption, you can also make Cyanos Slimming your healthy and delicious diet partner. It is because Cyanos Slimming is a weight-loss drink which contains spate of natural essences and nutrition. The ingredients are extracted from AFA, L-Carnitine, Psyllium Husk, Soluble Fibre, Lemon (Vitamin C), Lotus Extract, and prebiotics.

A Malaysian pharmacist, Ahmad Patria, explained that L-Carnitine is such an amino acid, useful for losing weight. The L-Carnitine substance can help constrain your fat level and enhance your calorie combustion. Get Cyanos Slimming for your healthy diet now!