The LWG Product Training: Back Your Healthy & Safe Diet!

2nd August 2017
by Khairunnisa Rahman
Translated By Patricius Valentino A.

In shaping your ideal body, many people prefer alternative diet due to their lack of exercise time portion or doing physical activities. It is not a surprise that they often do extreme diets and otherwise, harm their body due to their irregularities. In fact, it is possible that they can fail in the midst of time and end up in another weight gain. Please learn your diet better!

Diet doesn't mean that you are fasting the whole day, but you just need to limit your daily calories intake by little. By doing so, it can be your right solution for losing weight and maintaining the ideal one, as long as you do regular exercise. It is as explained by dr. Elvin Erick Gultom, the medical trainer in the LWG Product Training Event at Jakarta Design Center on Saturday, 29 July 2017.

"Reducing 500 calories intake from the daily calorie recommendation will help you lose roughly 1 kg per week. Besides controlling the calorie intake from the food, you also need physical exercise so that our body will burn more calories," said dr. Elvin.

Cyanos Slimming, Your Perfect Diet Menu!

In doing a good diet, dr. Elvin advised an adjustment over the limitation of daily calorie intake and your physical condition; whether it is safe, convenient, and free of dangerous effect, or the otherwise. Cyanos Slimming can be your perfect and healthy choice in order to get your ideal shape.

"If your diet aims at losing weight, you have to balance your physical condition and calorie restriction. Avoid disadvantageous diet which will  induce harmful side-effects for your health. And Cyanos Slimming can be your choice to lose weight," said dr. Elvin.

Cyanos Slimming from LiveWell Global, which contains natural ingredients, is effective in supporting your diet programme; working in synergy to transporting and burning fat, until storing the necessary energy. The natural ingredients of Cyanos Slimming comprise of AFA extract, L-Carnitine, Psyllium Husk, Soluble Fibre, Lotus, Lemon, and Prebiotics.

Cyanos Slimming is good to consume 1 to 2 times a day, 30 minutes before/after meals. It has abundant effectiveness, such as burning the excessive fat, satisfying, maintaining ideal weight, controlling the cholesterol level within blood, and preventing digestive problems. Get the healthily ideal shape by consuming Cyanos Slimming regularly!