Cyanos Slimming: Side-Effect Free due to Its Non-Caffeine Substance

9th August 2017
by Eva Erviana
Translated By Patricius Valentino A.

Recently, there have never been few medicines or slimming supplements in the marketplace which are unlikely containing caffeine. In spite of their effective compound for weight loss, the use of caffeine in high dosage will apparently harm the health. As dr. Johanes Chandrawinata, Sp. GK., explained, from the Medical Association of Clinical Nutrition Specialists of Indonesia, that slimming supplements are commonly highly caffeine contented. It will consequently disturb your heart beats and cause hypertension.

It is absolutely different from Cyanos Slimming! This wight-loss drink with AFA extract is caffeine-free and lack of side effects leading to pounding heartbeats, hypertension, or digestive problems caused by caffeine. Dr. Elvin Erick Gultom also explained that the side effect like the other products, which cause pounding heartbeats, due to their caffeine content. Cyanos Slimming only contains 7 selected natural essences like AFA, L-Carnitine, Psyllium Husk, Lemon, Lotus, and Prebiotics. It is safe and healthy to consume regularly in order to reduce excessive fat and help improve digestion.