Network Marketing is a business model fits for today’s economy. LiveWell Global is a network marketing company that puts emphasis on support system, marketing plan, management product, and global expansion. LiveWell Global’s support system is Millionaire Academy (MAC) which has existed since the establishment of LiveWell Global and is ready to support you with network marketing education program.

Millionaire Academy (MAC) provides a proper education system to help distributors and Members develop their networking skill into a strong and stable asset. This program is given on an ongoing basis both online and offline. For distributors, this program can be followed through Audio CD, recommended books, and video / audio downloads. Additionally, numerous trainings and seminars will be held as a part of Millionaire Academy’s program.


Millionaire Academy’s education program has been proven simple and easy to put into practice by anyone regardless of their background. Our system aims to help everyone thrives mentally and behaviorally in order to become a more positive individual. Our education system has been tested and proven very helpful for a lot of people. Not only can you succeed financially, you will also succeed non-financially.