Join the Cyanos Slimming Challenge & Win the Total Prizes of 30 Millions Rupiahs!

18th May 2017 | by Eva Erviana
Translated By Patricius Valentino A.

Join Cyanos Slimming Challenge and Win the LWG's Special Products of Millions of Rupiahs!

Let's share your story about striving for your ideal shape with Cyanos Slimming on your Facebook or Instagram account. It is very easy, guys! 

1. Take BEFORE-AFTER consuming Cyanos Slimming photos regularly. 
2. Upload them to your social media (FB or IG) with hashtag #cyanosslimmmingchallenge.
3. Give your testimonial caption after consuming Cyanos Slimming.
4. Tag 10 of your friends.
5. And, follow LWG' socmed accounts (fb: LiveWell Global; ig: @lwg.official). 

This challenge will end on July 31st, 2017. There will be the best three testimonial winners announced in July. 

Each winner will get special prize from LGW, such as Hydro-Gen Fontaine, Hydro-Gen Estéau, Element+, Rejuvé Crystal, Chlorophyll Gamat, and Cyanos Slimming for Millions of Rupiahs.

Find the goodness of Cyanos Slimming and win the prize!
Show your ideal shape off!

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